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Steel pipe electro galvanized 2017-08-01 22:06:15

We are looking for steel supplier. Till now we cooperation with China but its too long delivery time for us. We are constant client from Belgium. We sold greenhouses/orchads covers in Belgium.
Please find below our actuall inquiry.
Every items should be electro galvanized.
40x2x9250= 520 pcs
32x1.5x8000= 125 pcs
32x2x8000= 40 pcs
this give +/- 19 tonns
And rest free space of truck 5 tonns we want reserve pipes 32x2x9000

Additional pipe electro galvanized
15 000 m
1.5mm wall thikness
50mm outside diameter
lenght o 1 pipe 8m

We need also Hard-stringency wire/ hard galvanized wire 10mm diameter 15000m


Nicolai Bart